Learn the simple steps to making your own mixtape covers in Photoshop in 2 days — Even if you are a beginner!


In 2 days FLAT, you’ll learn how to MASTER the main tools in Photoshop and easily make your own mixtape covers like the professionals.

The steps are simple & easy to follow. All shot on HD video.

No boring reading-material or learning to make stupid circles, shapes and other cheap looking effects like other tutorials do.

If you want to learn to make real street-style, hood graphics using real effects such as fire, water, explosions, models, exotic cars, backgrounds and realistic movie-style effects like you see on mixtape covers then this is for you.

All you need is Photoshop.

Any version will work. I’ve designed this training for those completely new but want to learn to make their own hip hop mixtape covers.

It can’t be this easy to learn can it?


It is. As long as you know what your doing.

You will learn to make mixtape covers like these easily.


Anyone can make hot mixtape covers.

You just have to have a willingness to learn. 

If your a rapper, dj or graphic designer wanting to design mixtape covers this course is for you. This mixtape cover training course is designed for newbie to intermediate skill level.

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The key is to master 3 simple steps:

1. Understand which Photoshop tools to use.
2. Where to get high quality mixtape images
3. How to combine them together in Photoshop.

That’s it.

This is the pretty much the key to mastering Photoshop and to make any kind of mixtape cover.

Online Tutorials suck.

Many are outdated. Many don’t help answer questions. Many lack step-by-step directions.

Go to YouTube and search for how to make a mixtape cover. You will either get videos playing music in the background while designing and never speak slowly enough to teach you or videos that are played fast (purposely sped up) that are impossible to learn what they are doing because of how fast the video is playing.

These guys are designers and won’t teach you because they want you to hire them.

They are not in it to teach you.

That is why I created the Mixtape Masters “How To Make Your Own Mixtape Cover” Online Video Training Course.


These video training course are complete opposite of the shitty training you will find online.

1. I shot all the videos in HD so you can see every detail on what is going on.
2. I take it step-by-step on every step we do. I never skill a step. From beginning to end.
3. I speak also on every step I do so you know why and what I’m doing.
4. I offer support and help when you need it on making mixtape covers.

Not Taught In Design School

I go against the ways they teach you to use Photoshop. But we aren’t designing corporate brochures here, we’re making hip hop mixtape covers!

These style of graphics and steps aren’t “correct” in their eyes and go against their rules of teaching.

Plus try find a designer to teach you make them.

They won’t because if they do teach you they’ll now have to compete against you and possibly lose new customers that are needing to hire someone to make their cover.


Learn in less than 2 days – Simply follow my easy-guided videos and you’ll learn to make any style of mixtape covers.

You’ll learn everything from where to get mixtape images such as cars, models, fire, buildings and graphics all online free!

Imagine the possibilies from learning. You’ll easily be able to look at a mixtape cover and recreate it’s effect because you know how the steps and tools to making it.

You’ll be able to make mixtape covers in less than an hour (like me) and charge rappers and dj’s $100-$300 a project!

Build yourself a small clientele of just 20 DJ’s and rappers that drop 1 mixtape a month. You charge them $100 per project and you now have an extra $2000 a month business.  This is just with 20! Imagine having 100 clients.

I just went to DatPiff’s facebook. They currently have 1.1 million likes. Over 1 million people listen to hip hop mixtape. Can you find just 100 clients from this 1 million that need mixtape covers done? You bet!

I make a full time income designing mixtape covers for artists all over the country.

I’ve been designing mixtape covers for over 3 years now. It can be done. And money can be made from it. It’s fun and less of a headache than having a boring “job”.

You will get instant access to all of the training videos.

Once you become a member you are a lifetime member for all future updates and videos. Which means even when the price increases (which it will because I am adding new content fast)  you will not have to worry about paying extra because you are a member already.

The videos are easy to follow and simple watch. You can work along side while you play them. There is also a members board where you can interact with others that are learning.

Once you learn the steps to making mixtape covers you’ll forever have a skill in designing graphics for life.

A skill that could easily net you $1000’s a month in design services. Even if you just wanted to make an extra $500 a month – just find 5 artists needing graphic work done. Each project could take you about an hour to compete. So your looking at $500 for 5 hours of work or $100/Hour if you break it down.

Access to the training runs at $97.

This is lifetime access. Never will you have to pay extra for the new content we add. Is $97 worth the education to learn a skill that will teach you to make $1000’s more? You bet.

However I wanted to sweeten the deal even more for you. If you join today I’ll let you have access for just $37!

I have the right to end this deal when I want so join now before I do.

My CRAZY Refund Guarantee


This training program will help you learn to make mixtape covers guaranteed. That is why I am offer you a 30 day iron clad “refund for no reason at all” refund policy + I will design you a free cover ($200 value) if you don’t learn a thing.

This is your last chance to get access to this training for this price.  There is literally no risk what so ever on you.

But I am confident you will learn because my students have been having great results learning.

My program is a 5-star rating – Here’s a screen shot of the proof of my rating.